Bespoke Jewellery

3 Ways to Have Jewellery Designed & Made Just for You

We know how difficult it can be to get that all-important ring just right, or those earrings with just the right size of diamond or colour of sapphire. You know what you want, well sort of, and you found something that was nearly right but just...  not quite.  No matter how gorgeous we think our jewellery is, whether vintage or contemporary, we get it.  We know you want something that symbolizes you; that's just yours, and no-one else's. And we're here to help, just get in touch with us giving us a few details about the sort of jewellery you'd like or get the answer to your questions about bespoke jewellery design.

Option 1: just a few tweaks

The Bubble Ring: Choose All Diamonds or Go For a Mix of Gemstones

We've all heard the phrase "If something's not broken, don't fix it" and our Bubble Ring range is a perfect example of this.  This is a cost-effective way of personalising something to your taste. 

The ring settings are already created, you just need to decide whether you like yellow gold, white gold, or platinum.  Once that's sorted you can choose all one type of gemstone, like diamonds, or add a coloured stone such as sapphire.

Option 2: remodel & redesign

Sometimes we inherit a family heirloom but, even though it's lovely that someone remembered us, the jewel just isn't "us".  That's where Nicholsons' Bespoke can help. 

We can create something to your design, perhaps with a little help from us, using the gemstones and metal from the original jewel  That way, you keep the sentiment but you get something that's more to your taste and lifestyle.

Option 3: Let's Start from Scratch

This is it, the ultimate in bespoke design where the only limit is our imagination so let it run riot.  Think about the colours of gemstones that you like: sapphires - blue, pink, yellow or white; diamonds; aquamarine - the list goes on and on.  Next, what sort of style do you have in mind.  Do you want an every-day piece or a special occasion stunner?

When you've thought about all of that, create a mood board, gather inspirational images, draw a few sketches.  And, if all that sounds like a lot of hard work, come and have a chat and we'll help you on your way

Gallery of Bespoke Jewellery Commissions

We're adding to our gallery of customer commissions.  If you have something that you'd like to have redesigned, contact us to arrange a "no obligation" discussion.

However, we've been designing and creating one-off jewellery designs since before the advent of our website so we have sketches and photos in store for you to view also.

A bespoke 3 stone diamond ring in white gold using the client's diamonds

Bespoke 3 Stone Diamond Ring Using the Customer's Diamonds

A familiar tale at Nicholsons - We inherit a piece of jewellery that we don't really like but can't dispose of it

The customer here had just the same story.  She'd inherited a diamond ring which was a very tradtional style, in yellow gold and looked just a bit "engagement" which, of course, it was.  Although the customer appreciated the bequest and the ring had great sentimental appeal, it really wasn't the sort of thing she would wear as she much preferred the simplicity of contemporary design.  So, we did a few sketches and the customer went for this wide band with the diamonds in a rub-over setting (no claws to catch and scratch).  Creating the desing in white metal meant that she was able to wear it with the jewellery she already owned and the added bonus of the clean lines design meant that it has become a great every-day, all-occasions diamond ring.  No more insuring something that just lies in a drawer!

Sometimes we need a little inspiration, so why not have a look through our contemporary design rings and see what sparks your imagination.