Rose Gold, the Power of Pink: How is it Made?

White metal, whether platinum, white gold or silver, has for many years been rock star of desirable jewellery designs. But, there’s a new kid on the block and their name is Rose; rose gold that is! Often seen in antique jewellery, rose gold was, for many years, the “must-have” for lovers and collectors of antique jewellery and, therefore, suffered from … Continue reading

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The Bigger The Better: Bold Oversized Jewellery for Statement Looks

I love a bold, oversized piece of jewellery, clumpy shoes and a coat you can get lost in so I zeroed in on this article in the Harrods Fashion Special booklet that came with my Harper’s Bazaar.  Written by Laura Barton, a feature writer for The Guardian, I was a bit puzzled at the first few lines as it’s actually … Continue reading

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Love Locks! Padlocks! Forget Them – A Gift of Romantic Jewellery Can Be Longer-Lasting

I happened to catch an unusual news item on the BBC the other evening: the problem of love locks on Leeds’ Centenary Bridge. Following on from  a craze set off from a  book by Frederico Moccia “I Want You,” where couples write their names padlocks which are then attached a bridge in Rome then throw  the key into the river … Continue reading

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Layer Luxury: : Layer Jewellery for a Fashion Effect

I always feel a little sad at the end of summer, mainly because it never really starts and, yet, here we are heading into autumn and it all seems too soon. But I guess everyone’s the same.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love autum with all its softness of colour, it’s just that I’d rather go into it still … Continue reading

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Have You Seen The (Vintage-Style) Ring: Pippa’s Proposal

So, Pippa Middleton, fan of the vintage inspired ring, the Cannele by Andrew Geoghegan, is engaged! Sporting a knock-out diamond ring, the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister put and end to the will-he or wont-he speculation with the announcement on Sunday that she is to marry her long-time beau, James Matthews. Since the news broke Pippa has been snapped several times … Continue reading

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Rose Gold: The Trend for a Pink Engagement Ring

Rose gold rings and jewellery, whilst they have always been popular, seem to be having something of a ‘moment’ with a trend that shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.  At Nicholsons, we not only specialise in authentic rose gold jewellery which is a rich dark pinkish colour, but also in the paler, pinker tones of contemporary rose … Continue reading

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Beyond the Price of Rubies: A Biblical Birthstone for July

Ruby is the birthstone for July and for 40th wedding anniversaries and birthdays.  A gemstone from the corundum species of mineral, which also includes sapphire, ruby is the most valuable.  The word ruby can be traced back to the Sanskrit for king of gems and to the Latin, ruber, which means red. Pure corundum is naturally colourless and it is … Continue reading

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Vintage Style ruby and diamond rings from Nicholsons Jewellers Ilkley

Strike a Light – The Conversion of an Antique Accessory into a Contemporary Design

There was a time in bygone era when no self-respecting gentleman would consider himself properly dressed without his Albert chain – in either silver or gold – and, in the case of the double Alberts, although his pocket watch hung from one end, there were numerous useful or decorative items hanging from the other end. One of these items was … Continue reading

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Antique & Vintage Vesta Cases to buy online at Nicholsons

Pearls: timeless, elegant & perfect for both vintage & contemporary designs

Pearls, the birthstone for June and the gemstone for 30th anniversaries, have long been associated with purity.  First recorded by a Chinese historian in 2206BC and “discovered” during Christopher Columbus’s New World expeditions pearls quickly became associate with wealth and status. Coveted by royals throughout the centuries not least by our own Queen Elizabeth II (and QE I come to … Continue reading

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Pearl Bracelets, Necklaces & Earrings at Nicholsons Jewellers