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Paul Spurgeon

Regarded as one of the British Jewellery industry's true design innovators, Paul Spurgeon is regarded as the ‘Goldsmiths' Goldsmith'.  Twice awarded the accolade of UK Jewellery Designer of the Year, Paul has also won a host of other awards.

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What Are The Style Characteristics of Paul Spurgeon Rings & Jewellery?

Seductive and organic diamond engagement rings with matching and complimenting diamond collars and earrings are the hallmarks of Paul Spurgeon's designs. Paul has a weakness for unusual cuts and colours of diamonds, often setting marquise stones in gravity-defying settings in necklaces, earrings and rings.  The radiance of the Iceflower diamond sets Paul's contemporary designs apart from the norm and he readily admits to his love affair with the warm brown or, as he christens them, chocolate, diamonds.

Who would Buy Paul Spurgeon Designs?

Paul Spurgeon rings and jewellery appeal to the woman who appreciates the wearable every day luxury that comes with sinuous designs.  Yes, there are diamonds and, yes, they're in platinum but no hard-edged industrial chic here.  There are curves instead giving a feminine interplay between the masculinity of the platinum and the cool toned diamonds.

Why Buy Paul Spurgeon Rings at Nicholsons?

At Nicholson's we have partnered with Paul Spurgeon for around 20 years.  Paul's design ethos of creating unique designs with high quality diamonds and precious metals such as high carat gold and platinum reflect our own approach to every jewellery item for sale at Nicholson.  We are  qualified and experienced jewellers so, when we choose a designer, we know what we're looking for - and Paul Spurgeon's designs match our own demanding criteria and meticulous eye for quality.