Who We Are and What We Do


With a beautiful location at the foot of Ilkley Moor, Nicholsons Jewellers is owned by Cliff and Elaine, a husband-and-wife team with an incomparable expertise in luxurious and extraordinary jewellery designs. Cliff is a Fellow of the Gemological Association and, unusually in the retail jewellery profession, also has a good knowledge of workshop processes. With a natural talent for design (Cliff's other career choice was architecture), and from a family of writers, musicians, artists and film makers, his artistic flair has been put to very good use in the many bespoke designs that have been created in our on-site workshop.


Central to our philosophy, is the belief that buying jewellery should be a relaxed, enjoyable experience.  For that reason, our boutique-style jewellery shop is light and airy, and brimming with the very best selection of antique jewellery, vintage rings and contemporary designs. 

We love jewellery, we really do! So, at Nicholsons you can be sure to find a dazzling array of vintage diamonds, bold antique silver bangles and necklaces and delicate, gem-set pendants from the Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras. But that's not all, you're just as likely to come across some retro fabulousness from the 1970s - perhaps an over-sized cocktail ring - or some starkly designed Scandinavian silver bangles.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure of one thing: we've chosen with just as much care as you're going to.

And on the off-chance you can't see anything that you like, well....


Sometimes, we're left jewellery that, although we're really grateful about such a gift, it's really just "not us" and, yet, we don't know what to do with it because it holds a sentimental value for us.  Well, we have the answer: redesign!  Give a new lease of life to old jewellery.

Our jewellery workshop is staffed with experienced and gifted artisans who are as happy to work with an old-fashioned pencil and sketchpad as they are with up-to-the-minute computer-aided design (CAD).


We would be delighted to create (or recreate from your existing jewellery) a bespoke item to your, or our, design. Why not get in touch to find out more - nothing ventured, nothing gained!