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The Bigger The Better: Bold Oversized Jewellery for Statement Looks

I love a bold, oversized piece of jewellery, clumpy shoes and a coat you can get lost in so I zeroed in on this article in the Harrods Fashion Special booklet that came with my Harper’s Bazaar. Written by Laura Barton, a feature writer for The Guardian, I was a bit puzzled at the first few lines as it’s actually written as a bit of a spoof piece of news – and quite funny too. What’s not fake, though, are the brands who are working this over-sized trend: Joseph, Miu Mui, Christopher Kane.

As usual when I’m reading or watching something my thoughts turned to jewellery and the sort of pieces that would work well with these voluminous clothes we’re all expected to wear this Autumn/Winter.

My “go-to” brand, as they say on planet fashion would, without exception, be those masters of the chunky universe, Bunz. Faint-hearted girls look away now, there’s nothing pretty-pretty about these designs. Bunz jewellery is all about unusual materials (rubber, anyone?), a fusion of white and yellow metals, a good sized dollop of vividly coloured cubic zircona and a sprinkling of diamonds.

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