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Love Locks! Padlocks! Forget Them – A Gift of Romantic Jewellery Can Be Longer-Lasting

I happened to catch an unusual news item on the BBC the other evening: the problem of love locks on Leeds’ Centenary Bridge. Following on from a craze set off from a book by Frederico Moccia “I Want You,” where couples write their names padlocks which are then attached a bridge in Rome then throw the key into the river symbolizing eternal love, the number of padlocks in Leeds has grown so much that the Council, fearing structural damage, are set to remove them. It has happened before in Paris on the Pont Des Arts bridge when a column collapsed under the strain of thousands of padlocks.

Now, I’d seen these love locks around the place before and, like you (or may be it’s just me) I wondered what was the point of that? Clipping a padlock to a bridge and chucking away the key in the hope of everlasting love? Why? Maybe it’s the 21st century version of carving initials in a tree trunk. But you won’t see it again unless you make a pilgrimage every now and then. Much better off with something you can see every day. Something others can see. Something you can wear. Something like…. oh! I know: jewellery!



So, you see with a little thought you can channel the love lock, everlasting love theme into jewellery. And, you have to admit, that’s a whole lot better than a padlock you’d lock you bike up with!

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