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Our Customers (and our Diamonds) Sparkle at Manchester Airport

There are two questions that seem to be almost forever on my mind. The first is one I’m asked by my customers: What’s a good way to propose?” In reply I usually come up with some good old stand-bys such as choose a romantic setting; drop an engagement ring into a glass of champage or a box of chocolates, spell “Will You Marry Me” with Alphabettispaghetti (do they still make that?) The second question is one I usually ask myself: “What on Earth shall I write for a blog post?” Before I had a jewellery blog added to the website I was full of wonderful ideas, intending to stalk celebrities for amusing anecdotes relating to jewellery but, of course, real life got in the way. In fact, I’ve let the whole of May go by without blogging – a cardinal sin in the blogosphere. I never imagined that these two questions would be interconnected, so, imagine my delight when I checked my Inbox today. There, in amongst all the invoices and enquires was an email from Chops. Now, Chops and I had “met” a couple of weeks ago when she’d emailed about an engagement ring she wished to buy for a propsal she was planning to make. As we’d emailed back a forth a few times about sizing, etc. I assumed that it was going to be about having the ring resized. How wrong was I! The email was to let me know that everything had gone according to plan, the fiancee had said “yes,” she loved the ring and it had had fitted perfectly. But, there was a link at the bottom of the message to a video of the proposal. She’d only gone and proposed complete with banners with their nicknames on……at Manchester Airport !! And, if that wasn’t all, Chops had also arranged a flash mob dance as well. The whole thing was even in the Daily Mail.

So, the next time someones asks “What’s a good way to propose?” I’m going to take a deep breath and say “Well, one of my customers…………”

If you can beat that, let me know; I need all the help I can get with these posts.

How to propose, Nicholsons Vintage Rings

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