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Shop Local. Shop Online. Shop Safe

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The trend that is Shop Local (Shop Locally for the grammar purists!) is a growing fashion that has taken off with the advent of Covid-19.  With many of us working from home, local high streets such as Ilkley, have come into their own in the way it serves our local market. Even during lockdown we were all able to help as small business owners everywhere adapted to suit these changing times with Click and Collect or Doorstep and Contactless deliveries.

Shop local is a way to help maintain the vibrancy of where you live and keeping local employment figures healthy.  Of course, not every item you wish to buy is available in your local town, and that's where the internet is helpful. And you needn't sacrifice your support of a small business when you buy online. Many small retailers, like Nicholsons Jewellers, also have a website. Our vintage and antique jewellery website is often used by our local customers as a 21st Century version of a catalogue. Our customers in Ilkley, Otley, Skipton, and Harrogate can browse our collection of vintage rings and antique jewellery, deciding which pieces they'd like to look at before coming into our shop here at the foot of Ilkley Moor. In this way, customers can minimise their contact with others whilst still feeling a sense of "normality".

And, just as we take safety precautions for our customers when they are instore, so too can customers take precautions to shop online. Just a few simple questions: does this shop have a physical address visible on the website? Is the VAT number displayed? What is the Returns Policy? Do they have one and is it legal? Check them out on Google Maps see where they are, phone them, check out the social media presence on the Big Three: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram withTikTok quickly becoming yet another arena where local and independent businesses hang out.

Online shopping with an independent business has similar benefits to the Shop Local idea. It's a good one and has the support of companies such as Visa and American Express.

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