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The Scarf: it's back, but did it ever go away?

The White House has known many a snappy dresser but an under-the-radar style queen has emerged: D. Deborah Birx, and her style signature is - a scarf! I know! I mean, who wears scarves these days? Err, that would be me. Love 'em, can't have enough of them.

My “collection” is relatively small but dates from circa 1960's with a leopard print chiffon inherited from my mother - not expensive, but cherished nontheless. I have kept one from my teenage years, all 1970s hippy drippy with matching suede Dorothy bag. Later acquisitions include a number of Liberty prints - one from a late aunt for a special birthday, another from my very generous husband, and a couple of vintage ones. I don't have strict criteria except that they must be in a natural material such as silk, wool, or cotton.

So, why scarves in a jewellery blog? The answer is very simple: scarf clips. And what are those I hear you ask. Well, they're items of jewellery but functional. You can hold your scarf in place by fastening the clip through the scarf and onto whatever you're wearing. or you can run both ends of the scarf through the clip using it as a sort of anchor (see images below)

The best ones in my opinion are those from the Victorian era (pictured). Some are simple gold designs whilst others are set with gemstone combos - ruby and diamond; sapphire and diamond. And there's an added “trick” when you're not using them as they were intended, you can thread them onto a chain or ribbon and wear them as a pendant. See! You Buy One, You Get One Free.

Before I go, Who is Deborah Birx? Well, she's an American physician who has served as a diplomat Presidents Obama and Trump since 2014, most recently as the Coronavirus Response Coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force and always appears before the cameras wearing a scarf.

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