Our Privacy Policy is simple: everything's private! 

Buying on our website


We hold your name, address and email for delivery and record keeping purposes.  We don't share them with anyone - ever (unless required to do so by law, of course).  We don't sell your details, we don't like junk mail and we don't think you do either.

Your email address is only used for order fulfilment. We won't add your email to our Newsletter unless you ask us to, we hope you do but understand if you don't. 

We use PayPal, a fast and secure way to make online payment, for our order payments so we don't even see your credit or debit card details.  In addition, we're McAfee secure and our website has an industry standard SSL certificate which means that your visit and your information is safe; look for the "https:" on website address bars as in the image below.


For personal callers who:

1) wish to have a repair or alteration carried out;

2) have something made to order

3) leave jewellery for valuation

we will then ask for your name, address, telephone number and/or email address.  This information is used only for the fulfilment of the above repairs/alterations/orders/valuations/purchases.  That information is then destroyed at a time of our convenience and until such time it is destroyed the information is filed with access limited to the Directors and Staff of Nicholsons Jewellers Ltd. 


If you sell jewellery to Nicholsons, or if you buy second hand, pre-owned, vintage, antique jewellery from Nicholsons:

we will require your name, address, telephone number and/or email address, together with photographic ID such as a passport or driving licence.  This information will be retained by Nicholsons Jewellers Ltd, forming part of the accounting requirements demanded by HMRC.


Sometimes, we are able to provide valuations for insurance on some of our second hand, pre-owned, vintage, antique jewellery.  When we can, we will provide the valuation which will have an exclusive reference number and will note your name (and address if your insurance company requires this).  You may collect this in person, have it posted to your home address, or have it emailed to you.  Nicholsons Jewellers do not accept any liability for information sent via a postal service or via electronic means and if you wish to use either of these services then this is at your own risk.  Additionally, once the valuation has been given to you, the hard copy will be deleted from our computers.  We will hold a paper copy for our own administrative purposes.  This paper copy will have all personal information removed, leaving only the reference number, and you will not be able to be identified from it.  Therefore, the only way we will be able to provide you with another copy will be by the reference number.  If your copy is lost then, unfortunately due to strict GDPR rules regarding safeguarding privacy, we will not be able to help you.  We would recommend making a note of your reference number.  Please note that regardless of this and due to storage limitations, we do not keep copies of valuations indefinitely.