Art Deco cufflinks with engine turned engraved pattern.  The pattern has alternating stripes of a typical Art Deco wave pattern with a plain polished section.  Both sides of the cufflinks are decorated and they are connect by gold chain. Hallmarked 18ct yellow gold at the Birmingham Assay Office for 1928 and measuring approx. 12mm x 12mm.  Weight 9.6gms.

Art Deco Vintage Cufflinks, 18ct Gold, Hallmarked Birmingham 1928


The trend that is Shop Local (Shop Locally for the grammar purists!) has taken off with the advent of Covid-19.  Shop local is a way to help maintain the vibrancy of where you live and keeping local employtment figures healthy.  Of course, not every item you wish to buy is available in your local town, and that's where the internet is helpful. Online shopping with an independent business has similar benefits to the Shop Local idea.

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