Vintage single diamond ring in a classic eight-claw ring setting.  This stunning ring features a diamond in the old European cut so loved by devotees of vintage and antique jewellery.  Measuring a very impressive 7.73mm to 7.84mm diameter and depth of 4.34mm it is certified as 1.72ct with very impressive colour H and clarity VS2. 


The was reset in 2000 into a ring setting that is the traditional and eternally appealing "eight-claw".   This style  forms a coronet around the diamond but allows the light to refract through the facets to display the beauty of the colour and clarity.  The band is a "D" shaped cross section hallmarked 18ct white gold with the millennium and Birmingham convention marks.  Complete with an EGL Diamond Certificate. 



  • Old European Cut Diamond,
  • Certified as 1.72ct, with VS2 Clarity and H Colour
  • 18ct White Gold Eight Claw, Rex Setting.
  • Finger size M1/2 but we can resize in our onsite workshops.

Classic Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Old European Cut Diamond, VS2 Clarity,


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