A sensational Victorian picture locket and collar created in silver with applied rose gold and gold decoration.  The locket is oval in shape and features to the front a floral Chinoiserie applied decoration in relief to a background engraved with a foliage design. The edge of the locket are scalloped and further decorated with silver beads all around.  The reverse is plain and is stamped with the sponsor's mark of H&N, together with the British Registry mark which shows that the locket was made in 1872.  Alas, the mark for the month of manufacture is not present.  The locket is hinged and the hinge functions properly allowing the wearer to enclose their own photos or keepsakes.

The collar, which in our opinion is original to the locket, comprises rectangular open silver links, approx. 0.63 inch x 0.88 inch (maximum dimensions) alternately decorated in rose gold and silver applied roses and thistles.  The patterned links are connected by plain silver rings and the reverse of the collar is plain.  The overall length of the collar, together with the locket, is approx. 25 inches.

Victorian Locket and Chain, Chinoiserie Style, Created in 1872