The Nicholson's collection of vintage and antique bangles comprises styles in either silver or old gold to suit all tastes.


Silver Bangles

Our choice of antique silver bangles (or silver cuffs) are mainly sourced from those made in the Victorian era. Defined by being a wide, rigid silver band, many are attractively hand engraved or have additional appliqued motifs in rose or, even, green gold.  Another popular Victorian design is the buckle bangle.


Gold Bangles

Antique gold bangle designs are, perhaps, more varied than those seen in silver bangles.  Earlier in the Victorian era wide gold bangles were often set with large gemstones such as garnet in a cabochon cut, or with integral lockets which opened to reveal a keepsake or photograph.  Reflecting the style of antique rings, bangles in the boat-shape or navette style were set with diamonds or a combination of diamond with rubies, emeralds or  sapphires.  Other gemstone combinations of pearls with turquoise, coral or amethyst are also to be found.  Plain gold navette shaped bangles without diamonds or gemstones were enlivened with engraving or twisted rope wire surrounds whilst other styles of bangle were open wirework in the form of a knot.  Slave bangles worn on the upper arm inspired by the actress Sarah Berhardt were to be found as plain polished gold bands or quite often patterned with Grecian influence such as the key-lock pattern.


Silver Bracelets

There aren't really antique silver bracelets as most of the bracelets available to buy have usually been adapted from a gent's Albert watch chain. That is no way detracts from the desirability though as some Albert chains were not just made from the often-seen curb link, there were those that had decorative links which made very attractive bracelets.  One style of watch chain from the Victorian era that translates very successfully to a modern, contemporary style is the anchor link.  This was made in varying sizes and weight and was styled on the industrially created chain used to anchor boats.


Gold Bracelets

Often seen in rose gold, the Victorian gate and curb style of bracelets continue to be sought-after designs amongst the vintage jewellery collector. In the Edwardian era bracelets were more delicate and often set with diamonds and other precious stones - a really special style for wedding day jewellery.  Of course, the  trend for diamond set wrist-wear continued into the Art Deco era and beyond and many clients have been delighted to buy vintage diamond bracelets from the 1920s right through to the retro-styling of the 1970s and 1980s eras.