We search far and wide to find vintage and antique earrings from a simple gold or diamond studs to impressive and decadent chandelier and double drop earrings. Such is the demand for authentic antique vintage earrings that many are sold instore before they are available to buy online.  If you are searching for that elusive pair of vintage earrings please contact us and we'll try to help you in your quest.

Earrings are often regarded as the essential piece of every-day jewellery with vintage and antique styles being on the top of the most-wanted list. 

Scandinavian silver earrings are often matched with a necklace and/or bracelet to complete a set of matching jewellery.  The designs are mainly from the 1960s and 1970s and reflect the jewellery designers natural world influence with earrings in the form of flowers or leaves.  Often these Nordic design vintage earrings have the added attraction of enamel - a jewellery-making technique that is difficult to master - and the light seems to shimmer from silver overlaid with enamelled colours of white, pale blues, pinks and dark greens and reds. These retro styles have a costume jewellery feel and are just one way to wear fashionable and stylish designs during the day.

Antique earrings from the Victorian and Edwardian eras can be hard to find in their original condition as so many have become lost over the years.  If you find an authentic pair that you like, buy them.  Don't think too long about it because these vintage finds don't stay for sale too long!  Victorian earrings styles are characterized by many designs including  small gold studs, perhaps set with a diamond or pearl, hanging from a gold wire, creole gold hoops or diamond studs.  Other Victorian earring designs were ornately patterned drops featuring classical motifs such as Grecian key lock and often decorated with gold granulation.  Sometimes these styles were called bombe shaped and, although they look heavy, were quite light to wear. 

As the Victorian era gave way to the Edwardian days, the style of jewellery became altogether lighter and more delicate.  The earrings of this period and into the Art Nouveau era were often open wirework drops set with pearls and semi-precious gemstones such as peridot or amethyst. Large natural pearls often baroque in shape and rarely, if ever, seen nowadays, hung from gold wires in a style of elegant simplicity.