Antique and Vintage Jewellery for Men

At Nicholsons, we know that many men appreciate a gift of antique or vintage jewellery to mark a special occasion and with our range of jewellery for men, you're sure of success.  Choose from a selection of gold cufflinks from the Victorian and Edwardian eras for the purist antique-hunter, or a cufflink set from a later era for the retro fan.  A signet ring, either plain or engraved is also a good "go-to" ring for men which has an every-day wear appeal.  For those gents who appreciate a little more pizazz, a chunky diamond solitaire, or Victorian snake ring might fit the mood. Bracelets for men are another stand out gift idea so may we suffest a repurposed Victorian watch Albert chain in either silver or gold?

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